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Amsterdam City Guide : Leidseplein, the perfect district for party ! Part 2/4

20 janvier 2015 1 commentaire

Hi !

This is the second part of our Amsterdam’s City Guide !
Today, we talk about the Leidseplein district where you can find a lot of great bars, restaurants, concert halls and night clubs like the « Paradisio » : a club in an old church !

Well, here is a little « to do list » with places we loved ! (Pedro : if you do exactly what we done, you should finish on the ground…)

• Cannibale Royale :

We really loved this place ! So much, that we returned to it twice !
It’s a bar / restaurant where you can eat at late night (2am / 3am) with a crazy design ! Hanging dolls, family photos, a baseball bat, a hatchet… welcome to the cannibals !
 There’s often a lot of people, so it’s better to book a table, they have a big choice of local beers and wine, and the food is very good ! The speciality is naturally the meat (Pedro : don’t worry, not human meat…) : steak, ribs, chicken nachos, delicatessen… and the burgers are awesome !!! (Pedro : i’m a big fan of this place !)

Address : Cannibale Royale, Handboogstraat 17a 1012 XM Amsterdam

Rose’s Cantina :

A great address of Mexican bar / restaurant ! Here, we drunk the best margaritas of Amsterdam !
The place is very beautiful : a giant disco ball and a plane on the roof, great mexican posters, and a biiiiggggg choice of tequila ! 
The cocktails are awesome, we tried a lot of them and we recommend you :
The Tommy’s Margarita and the Chika Flick (a kind of pornstar martini) !
You can eat at the bar (yes, we always do the same thing : nachos + tequila… That’s life !)
 The place is very big and if you want to eat, think to book a table !

Addess : Rose’s Cantina, Reguliersdwarsstraat 38 40, 1017 BM Amsterdam

Lion Noir :

Another great bar / restaurant (the same owner as the Rose’s Cantina) !
 Upstairs, there’s a French restaurant (we haven’t tested it but it seems to be verrrryyyy good !) and below, the bar : stuffed animals everywhere, skulls, canoe… and a fire place where we spend a good good time, drinking awesome cocktails

Address : Lion Noir, Reguliersdwarsstraat 28, 1017 BM Amsterdam

Snappers :

(Pedro : ok, now we are totally drunk…)
A little nice bar / restaurant, with again a nice design (ok, every places are nice in Amsterdam i think…) ! You can eat crab, grilled fish, fish ’n’ chips, but also ribs and nachos :)
 The best is their cocktails for 3 or 4 persons : you drink in a piñata or in a volcano !!!
The menu is eccentric too, and most of the cocktails are named with songs lyrics (Rollin down the street, smoking indo, sippin on gin and juice » Snoop Dogg) !

Address : Snappers, Reguliersdwarsstraat 21, 1017 BJ Amsterdam

Bar Paul :

Another nice bar with several floors, full of people, where you dance and drink beers 🙂
(Pedro : now we do not feel anything… I’m a sort of human beer…)

Address : Bar Paul, Reguliersdwarsstraat 41, 1017 BK Amsterdam

Voilà ! Next time we’ll go to the Jordaan’s district !

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